International Mentoring Program – University of Krakow – Second Seminary

The University of Pavia is member of the Coimbra Group.
Among its working groups, the Employability Working Group invites you to take part in International Mentoring Program.
It is a cycle of webinars with Mentors from all over Europe who are willing to share their international experience with you. Our goal is to provide not only theoretical knowledge related to the labor market, but also practical information and advice that can help you enter this market in any way.

The Program is the effect of cooperation between 8 universities:

  • Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iaşi
  • Jagiellonian University
  • University of Barcelona
  • University of Groningen
  • University of Granada
  • University of Pavia
  • University of Poitiers
  • University of Turku.

All cycles will be conducted in English.

ATTENTION: It is an exclusive programme offered for student of these Universities.

>> Rules of the International Mentoring Program

“Leading business meetings in an international setup”
Mentor: Anna Wójcik  

During two sessions I would like to invite you to explore together best practices in leading effective business meetings in an international setup.

We will investigate, how to prepare a meeting, lead it and follow up on actions considering cultural diversity of participants.

During the session I will encourage you to share your experience and ideas. After these two sessions you will be able to name best practices in leading business meetings and assess with high probability, which behaviours will facilitate inclusion and effectiveness in a culturally diverse group.

Dates of the online meetings:
March 2020 (to define)

Application: COMING SOON

Centro Orientamento Universitario –  Servizio Job Placement
Tel. 0382. 984050/4692